United Way of Paola

Serving all of Miami County and Northern Linn County

Over the past 34 years, the United Way of Paola has helped address health issues, basic needs and other community services in Miami County by raising and distributing over $1,000,000. Last year, United Way funded 17 local non-profit organizations for a total of $90,000. United Way uses a criteria for funding to make sure the donated funds are used to help organizations in their goals to impact our local communities in Miami County in one or more of the following categories; Education – Preparing children to enter school and graduate from school, Health – increasing access to health care, nutrition, and health environments, Income – increasing individual and family financial stability, and Basic Needs – assisting individuals and families with the basic needs in life; food, clothing shelter, utility services, etc. 

United Way is currently accepting applications from community organizations serving residents of Miami County for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. If your organization fits one or more of these criteria and would like to become a partner with United Way to make an impact on our community, submit an application at www.unitedwayofpaola.org before July 5th. United Way will have community investment hearings on July 28th and August 2nd. Donations are also accepted on the website. If you have any questions or to receive an application by email, please contact Shaylan Miller at 913-755-3811 or smiller@firstoptionbank.com.


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